Quake Touch

Quake Touch: Three Quake engines in one app, play any Quake mod and level!

About the game

Quake Touch (Q-Touch on Google Play) is the most advanced Quake app on Android. Features three engines for you to choose from!

  • DarkPlaces offers enhanced graphics and advanced engine features
  • FTEQW another advanced engine with many extra Multiplayer features
  • Quake GL offers a very classic Quake experience



In order to play the full version of the game you must copy over the PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK files from your copy of the PC game. Please see here for details help:

Installation Guide

Using the Mission packs and Mods

To install the mission packs or other mods you must create a new folder in FULL and put the PAK files for the mod in there. For example to install Mission Pack 2 from the Steam installation, copy the 'rouge' folder to ../Beloko/Quake/FULL/rouge

Then go back to the app and switch tabs to refresh the screen, a new item 'rouge' will appear in the list, select it to play!